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A very experienced team with a commercial connection to the wine and food business decided that it was time to start looking for the best Portugal has to associate with a brand.
Eduardo Ferreira Avides Moreira


Descendant of D. Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, probably the most striking figure ever for the Douro Region, with links to the import and export of wines and food products. Investing on wine business since  2000

António Lencastre


Graduated in Food Engineering is responsible for validating our portfolio and ensuring all its quality, the selection of the best blends is in your hand...

António Amorim Alves



To promote and explain the brand “” all over the world, it is his core mission –to show Portugal’s (pt) in everything we offer.

Carlos Magalhães


Winemaker with a large experience, creating wines in all regions throughout Portugal, is our consultant to develop and select our wines.

Fernando Barbedo


With extensive experience in commercial action, he is the main promoter of our products, having participated for years in the elaboration and selection of wines, our "master blender" has gained recognition over the years as a “adviser" of wines

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