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Our Story

  Quem somos? / Who are we?  

A very experienced team with a commercial connection to the wine and food business decided that it was time to start looking for the best Portugal has to associate with a brand.


Eduardo Ferreira Avides Moreira, descendant of D. Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, probably the most remarkable figure ever for the Douro Region, with links to a major wine distributor / exporter, joined this project António Amorim Alves, commercial and marketing, António Lencastre, for the food area.


Adding to this, strategic partnerships with producers and a well-known oenology team, we have this project called ®.


Why Blend? because this is definitely the great asset of the incredible variety of grape varieties, regions, terroirs and why not, of climate, striking features of this country that is Portugal, so the .pt, because all the products we work with are Portuguese.

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